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A data extraction and reporting mechanism for General Practice, CCGs and Public Health. Utilising the PIP programme Censura runs either overnight in GP practices or in our N3 Data Centre using the bulk extraction mechanism. Audits are run against this data and provided to the practice on their intranet. For practices using the N3 Data Centre suitable de-identified data is moved to TCR servers to provide aggregated reporting for CCGs, Public Health or other contracted organisations.

Quest Browser

A Data Extraction tool which allows practices to download ready-made query libraries from the web, issues them for use and displays the responses as graphs, reports etc. Uses in-built report objects to display results of audits and incentive schemes. Ready to run query sets include NHS Health Checks, QOF, IM&T DES, Diabetes, Cancer, Fracture, Mental Illness and Medicines Management.


Health Checks Toolkit for General Practice

Complete extraction, analysis, reporting and uploading solution. Data is extracted from the host clinical system to provide a comprehensive profile of eligible patients and tracks them throughout the health check cycle. Integration into the host clinical system allows invitations to be generated and coded. QRISK3 is now an integral part of the toolkit.

Community Health Checks Toolkit

Remote collection of health checks data with secure transfer back to General Practice and integration into the host clinical system.

Web Reporting for Health Checks

Comprehensive reporting for Public Health using BI tools and practice reports. Integration into Public Health Excel reports supports the detailed analysis required by specific areas

Asthma Management

Analysis of Step Levels and Medication.